Have a happy Tibetan Wood-Horse-Year 2141!

Dear friends,
On Sunday, 2nd March 2014 Tibetans all over the world will celebrate their Tibetan new year.
LO means year and SAR means 'new' I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for
your kind friendship and your constant support for my music and my social works in Tibet.
May the Wood-Horse-Year 2141 be blessed with a lot of luck and happiness for you.
This year will be a very special year for me with 3 great album projects as well as a book project. I will be happy to share with you the special moments and photos
of all the exciting activities soon.
Yours sincerely,


Concert in San Francisco

Concert in San Francisco

I will be giving a small concert for a fundraiser for the ACHA Foundation in San Francisco. Please share this information with your friends who live in the Bay Area and who might be interested in hearing my music. I am happy to contribute to this Benefice Concert that supports the empowerment of Tibetan Women and girls in Tibet through education and health. It will be a privilege for me to share the stage with Jennifer Berezan and guest speaker Mrs. Joanna Macy.

ACHA-Himalayan Sisterhood presents:

Dechen Shak-Dagsay,  

Jennifer Berezan and Guest Speaker Joanna Macy

Venue: Rudramandir, 830 Bancroft Way AT 6TH

Berkely, CA 94710

Ticket Reservations (510) 409-9162 or


Meeting Sogyal Rinpoche in Zürich

Meeting Sogyal Rinpoche in Zürich

Dear friends,

I had the big honour of meeting the great Buddhist Master and author of the book of "LIVING AND DYING" Sogyal Rinpoche during his teachings last week in Zurich. It was a beautiful meeting and Rinpoche encouraged me to travel all around the world to touch people's heart through the sound of the Tibetan Mantras. At the end of his teachings Rinpoche spontaneously asked me to sing a Mantra. It was a great pleasure for me to dedicate the OM MANI PEME HUM Mantra for him and to thank Rinpoche for his untiring efforts to help millions of people around the world in their most difficult phases of their lifes with his books and inspirations.

With my sincere wishes,



Bringing the ancient wisdom of Tibet into the modern world of fashion

Bringing the ancient wisdom of Tibet into the modern world of fashion

My dear friends,

I am not a fashion victim, but I love beautiful fabrics, colours and style that makes every woman feel like a princess. It was the first time in my life that I attended a fashion show and even had one of the top designers of Poland of the show, Mrs. Viola Spiechovicz design a "Tibet inspired" lovely black dress for me. My producer Helge van Dyk, whose wife Natalia Glowacka is the initiator of the WARSAW FASHION WEEKEND, rearranged and created a new song that I could sing as a duett with famous Natalia Kukulksa while the "Spiritual Freelance" Tibet Collection of Viola was presented. We both enjoyed singing and performing together and I think together with the beautiful Sitar by Thomas Niggli from Zurich, we both enchanted this event in a very special way. 

Performing at Warsaw Fashion Week

Performing at Warsaw Fashion Week in Poland

I am really looking forward to perform the first time in Poland. Poland has always shown great interest in the Tibetan culture and I am happy I can 
bring my music to Poland during the Warsaw Fashion Week. I think modern societies like to be inspired by fashion and music that uplifts them and gives them
a good feeling. As a Tibetan Artist who grew up in Switzerland I am infused with both the Eastern and Western culture and this beautifully reflects in my music.
Performing at this year's Warsaw Fashion Week with the theme "SPIRITUAL FREELANCER" is very exciting and gives me the chance to introduce the positive energy
of the ancient Tibetan Mantras to an open minded audience who plays an important role to shape a modern society. I am also looking forward to collaborating with 
the famous Polish singer Natalia Kulkulska whom I met a month ago in Sopot. We will perform a song together that my producer Helge van Dyk created especially for
us for this event and I have the feeling that the Polish people will really love it. I also met one of the leading Polish designers, Viola Spiechowicz who will present her new
collection at the fashion show. I like her style and the beautiful fabric and colors that she uses.