150 new Computers on their way to TCV Dharamsala

I would like to share some great news with you.
Today 150 new computers are leaving Southkorea to find their way to the Tibetan Children Village in Dharamsala in India. 
On our Asia Tour in October 2012 we gave a concert in Southkorea a few hours south from Seoul in the ancient monastery of Hwa Eom Sa Temple. 
Professor Chium Park who had invited us for the 3.time to give my  concert at the annual Hwa Eom Sa Music Ritual had also invited his friend who is the minister of education of that district. After the concert the minister came to us and said that my music touched his heart for Tibet  beautifully and said he would like to propose his department
that the 150 educational computers which they usually donate to other asian developing countries should go to benefit the Tibetan community in India.
He asked me where they could serve the best and I suggested that they could be sent to the TCV in Dharamsala as they are always in need of good schooling equipment for their students.
I feel very happy to see that in a couple of days TCV will be receiving 150 new computers for their students enabling them to learn  computer science and acess to modern knowledge  which is so important for a broad general good education.
I am so thankful and feel so privileged to be transmitting the wisdom of our culture through my music and opening the hearts of people all over world. 
Yours truly, Dechen

Meeting my Chinese friend Donghua Li

Meeting my Chinese friend Donghua Li. Donghua Li is an amazing personality for me. He was born in Chengdu, China in 1967. At the age of 7 he entered gymnastics boarding school and at the age of 19 became a Chinese Gymnastics Champion. He met his future wife in Beijing in 1988 and emigrated to Switzerland. After becoming a Swiss citizen, he became a Swiss Champion in 1994, World Champion in 1995 A European Champion and an Olympic Champion in 1996.  www.donghua-li.com

It is always beautiful to hear from Donghua, that my music touches his heart. He is especially fond of my current album "JEWEL".


Singing for SONG FOR ALL BEINGS in San Francisco

It will be a pleasure for me to be part of the musical Celebration of Loving Kindness produced and directed by Jennifer Berezan on 2nd November, in the Marine Civic Cneter, in San Rafael, CA. Jennifer is a wonderful Artist with beautiful songs and texts that touch the souls. 

For more information please check out www.songforallbeings.com or 


Amazing Guitar by Hank Shizzoe

www.hankshizzoe.com [nbsp


In the wonderful countryside of France, in the music studio of Chateau de Faverolles close to DIjon, my producer Helge van Dyk worked together with Hank Shizzoe. Hank is indeed one of the best guitar players and I am just thrilled by having him also on my album with his amazing quality of his work. I can assure you the new album will sound so beautiful! I am happy that Hank found his time to do so despite the fact that he is very busy with his live concert tours with Stefan Eicher. 

A special Concert

On 15th June 2013 I have been invited to perform together with my JEWEL Ensemble at the National Day of the Refugees in Switzerland. 

It means a lot to me to sing at this speical event to express my solidarity to all the refugees seeking a new home in Switzerland. Most of them have left their homelands due to tragic faith just like my family about 50 years ago when we were received with open arms by the Swiss.

19h30: Beginning of concert  

Location: Le Pavillon, Zentralstrasse 63, Biel/Bienne


organised by: MULTIMONDO in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen lokalen Organisationen