Amazing Guitar by Hank Shizzoe [nbsp


In the wonderful countryside of France, in the music studio of Chateau de Faverolles close to DIjon, my producer Helge van Dyk worked together with Hank Shizzoe. Hank is indeed one of the best guitar players and I am just thrilled by having him also on my album with his amazing quality of his work. I can assure you the new album will sound so beautiful! I am happy that Hank found his time to do so despite the fact that he is very busy with his live concert tours with Stefan Eicher. 

A special Concert

On 15th June 2013 I have been invited to perform together with my JEWEL Ensemble at the National Day of the Refugees in Switzerland. 

It means a lot to me to sing at this speical event to express my solidarity to all the refugees seeking a new home in Switzerland. Most of them have left their homelands due to tragic faith just like my family about 50 years ago when we were received with open arms by the Swiss.

19h30: Beginning of concert  

Location: Le Pavillon, Zentralstrasse 63, Biel/Bienne


organised by: MULTIMONDO in Zusammenarbeit mit verschiedenen lokalen Organisationen

Delicious Tibetan Food in Zürich

My husband and I love to have a lovely Tibetan Dinner either in the Restaurant "SHANGRILA" or the newly opened "HIMALAYA" in Zürich. When in Zurich, I can highly recommend you either the


Working with the great Drummer Neal Wilkinson in London

Liebe Freunde,

Wir sind soeben aus London zurückgekommen, wo wir mit dem hervorragenden Drummer Neal Wilkinson das Schlagzeug für unser neues Album aufgenommen haben. Es war herrlich auch hier bei den Aufnahmen mit Neal im SARM Studio in London mit dabei zu sein. Er hat einen einzigartigen schönen Stil das Schlagzeug sowohl dynamisch als auch sehr gefühlvoll zu spielen. Genau das richtige für unser Album.


Dear Friends,

Just back from London, where we had a great recording session with drummer Neal Wikinson. I am very happy to have Neal's drumming skills on the album as he has very unique style of playing dynamically as well as with a gentle soft touch. Just the right combination for our album 

Working with the great Canadian Percussionist Satnam Ramgotra

It was a real pleasure to watch Satnam play his amazing range of Percussion for our album. Your body and soul start to dance immediatley when you hear him play. He is also one of the great musicians who make sure that Hans Zimmer Film Music sounds so special. Like last time we recorded at his studio in the Hans Zimmer Studio in Santa Monica.