Mantra Chanting and JEWEL Dance Workshop in Czech Republic

Samstag 06. Aug. 2022

Czech 'Healing Festival' in Brno

Dear friends,
Just back from the ‚Healing Festival‘ in the Czech Republic giving a workshop on how to generate instant release of tension and sadness with the Tibetan Jewel Dance and the ‚OM MANI PEME HUM’ Mantra of Compassion.
Feeling happy to see that my music resonates so well with the wonderful Czech audience.
I am looking forward when we will come back to Czech to Prague to give a full concert with my Jewel Ensemble in October 2022.
To find the music of this ‚Chenresi Compassion Mantra’ of this clip go to:

Clip on Youtube with the OM MANI PEME HUM Mantra


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