Performing at Warsaw Fashion Week in Poland

I am really looking forward to perform the first time in Poland. Poland has always shown great interest in the Tibetan culture and I am happy I can 
bring my music to Poland during the Warsaw Fashion Week. I think modern societies like to be inspired by fashion and music that uplifts them and gives them
a good feeling. As a Tibetan Artist who grew up in Switzerland I am infused with both the Eastern and Western culture and this beautifully reflects in my music.
Performing at this year's Warsaw Fashion Week with the theme "SPIRITUAL FREELANCER" is very exciting and gives me the chance to introduce the positive energy
of the ancient Tibetan Mantras to an open minded audience who plays an important role to shape a modern society. I am also looking forward to collaborating with 
the famous Polish singer Natalia Kulkulska whom I met a month ago in Sopot. We will perform a song together that my producer Helge van Dyk created especially for
us for this event and I have the feeling that the Polish people will really love it. I also met one of the leading Polish designers, Viola Spiechowicz who will present her new
collection at the fashion show. I like her style and the beautiful fabric and colors that she uses.