1. Om Vajra Guru Padme Siddhi Hum

A Tibetan Prayer for China

2009 | Dechen Shak-Dagsay & Andreas Vollenweider

On 14th June a solidarity concert for the earthquake vicitms of Szechuan was held in the church of Enge in Zurich, Switzerland.  I had the priviledge to play these two prayers with world famous musician Andreas Vollenweider. The proceeds of this music will be used for social projects in Tibet. This Music can only be obtained as download from iTunes.

The two prayers are:

1. Tibetan Peace Prayer for a Non-Violent World with the Tibetan title: Shi Wä Lam Kyö

2. Om Vajra Guru Padme Siddhi Hum, The Mantra of Guru Padmsambhava.

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