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"Bodhicitta" was my first CD production and was published in 1989. I have dedicated this song to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to express the great joy when he was honored with the Nobel Peace Price for all his untiring efforts of solving the Tibet issue with China on a non-violent basis.

The text to this meaningful song has been written by my dear father, Dagsay Rinpoche and has translates as follows:

All beings, no matter what their nature wish to afoid suffering.So let them be free from suffering.

All beings, no matter what their nature wish to experience happiness, So let them be blessed with happiness.

The distinction made between enemie, friends and neutrals, is based on the three poisons of mind, hatred greed and ignorance. Let altruism take their place.

All sentient beings on Earth, abandon hatred and greed.  Only then will true peace prevail in this world.

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