1. Kurukulle
2. Le Bonheur (Amaleho)
3. Wont Go Far
4. Black Tara
5. Imagine Without
6. Day Tomorrow
7. Shine Of Lapislazuli
8. Beishra Wanaye
9. Everest-Jomolanga
10. Calling The Elements
11. Love Song
12. Reprise (The Four Immeasurables)


2015 | Dechen Shak-Dagsay


A heartfelt project of my life.
As an artist who has been performing over the last 15 years chanting and singing soothing Tibetan Mantras, this album ‘DAY TOMORROW’ contains a challenging message. When I read the lyrics of my father Dagsay Rinpoche that he wrote especially for this album it was clear that the music had to be as equally strong and dynamic in order for the message to be heard.

I would like to invite you to dive into the musical adventure of DAY TOMORROW. It contains a message that needs to reach people because it concerns every one of us regardless of race, belief or age.


As an artist, I truly believe that music is a very effective way of communicating important issues as it touches people emotionally.

Besides the strong lyrics of how we should and can all contribute to sustaining a better world, you will discover upbeat and uplifting songs that bring about a feeling of joy and connectedness with all beings. The world needs the positive energy of the ancient mantras more than ever. I have included important mantras such as the Medicine Buddha Mantra, the wrathful Black Tara Mantra and a beautiful Kurukulle Mantra that is dedicated to the Goddess of Love. And for the first time you will hear me singing a Tibetan love song that features beautiful lyrics written by the 6th Dalai Lama of Tibet (1683 – 1706). He was a great poet and a highly realized being who was also known as the rebel Dalai Lama.

Helge van Dyk, Producer & Composer of my previous album ‘JEWEL’ , has now created with me ‘DAY TOMORROW’. It is the manifestation of a modern sound for ancient mantras bringing the wisdom of my heritage into the 21st Century.


According to the Tibetan philosophy of life, we are the creators of our own karma. Likewise we are also responsible for the protection and sustainability of our planet and the careful use of the natural resources.

As John Lennon once said ‘You may say I am a dreamer’.  We all have the choice to make the dream come true. With DAY TOMORROW I want to express that we can all work on creating a good Karma toDAY for a better TOMORROW.

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