1. Dorje Sum Kyi Ngag
2. DrolmaeToepa
3. Dcham Sem MÖnlam
4. Chenresi Kyi Sung Ring
5. Men-lha Kyi Sung Ring
6. Sanghe Tsen Nga
7. Namse Kyi Tsen Ngag
8. Dorje Sempae Yig Gya

Dcham Sem

2004 | Dechen Shak-Dagsay

Dcham Sem means the "Compassionate Mind" and presents a number of Tibetan Mantras in their extended long versions. You will hear the long version of the Medicine Buddha mantra, the Chenresi Mantra and the 100 Syllable Vajra Sattva Mantra. On this album you will also hear the unique sound of the Shakuhachi flute played by one of my great musicians, Jürg Zurmühle. He is a master of the Shakuhachi flute and he is a true master.

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