1. Jewel - Prolog
2. Medicine Buddha
3. Praising Tara
4. 100 Syllable Mantra Of Vajra Sattva
5. Vajra Guru
6. Heart Sutra
7. Tara
8. Amidaba
9. Chenresi
10. Jewel - Taking Refuge To The Three Jewels


2010 | Dechen Shak-Dagsay

The current album is called "JEWEL" and has turned out to be a true masterpiece. Together with my Swiss Producer Helge van Dyk and first rate musicians such as Martin Tillmann, Jürg Zurmühle, Dieter Dyk, Satnam Ramgotra, Sri Aloke Dasgupta and Dominique Starck we managed to create an album that combines the traditional meaningful Tibetan Mantras with a modern universal sound on a very high quality level.     I am immensely thankful to everyone that contributed to JEWEL for being part of the inspiration that brings joy and happiness to the people. 
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