An invitation to China!

The quality of the music and consequently the success of this tour that started with a sold-out concert at the KKL hall in Lucerne in April 2017 resonated a lot and very far. It caught the attention of China and therefore a big wish got fulfilled for me in October this year.


Ever since I started to pursue my spiritual music path it was my heartfelt wish to bring my message of peace, love, compassion and reconciliation to China. Last October Helge van Dyk and myself got invited to Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu by the cultural department of the Sichuan Province. We were welcomed very warmly.


The Chinese are deeply moved by our music and my big wish has been fulfilled. The ancient Tibetan Mantras combined with the beautiful musical compositions by Helge have enchanted the Chinese and they call it ‘Detox music’ or ‘Music that comes from Heaven’. They are full of admiration for my big success as a Swiss/Tibetan artist to move so many hearts in the Western world with my voice.

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