Meeting Russians great Rockstar Boris Grebenshikov

Dear friends,
It was wonderful and an honor to meet the famous Russian Rockstar Boris Grebenshikov who invited me and my JEWEL Ensemble to play our music at his yearly World Music Festival on 7th September in a beautiful green park in St. Petersburg. On this photo we just finished the pressconference on 6th September where Boris introduced me and my producer/composer Helge Anton van Dyk to his Russian audience.

We connected immediately when we found out that Boris also likes to chant Tibetan mantras. It is truly wonderful to see big artists like him promote the special energy of the Mantras for peace in this world.
His music is beautiful and he is comforting the Russian people with his music and poetry since more than 30 years. He is loved by the Russians as he is their idol.

Boris suggested, that he would come up on stage during our concert and chant the mantra of compassion..‘OM MANI PEME HUM‘ with us.
It was absolutely beautiful to hear him chant this sacred Mantra.

Thank you Boris! It was great to chant this Mantra with you at the festival.

Hope to meet you again.
With my sincere wishes,

Meeting Russians great Rockstar Boris Grebenshikov

It was a wonderful concert for a great audience. Thank you, dear Lyudmila Lipeiko and Tamara Larina, the two great ladies who invited us to play in St. Petersburg.

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