Looking back to a great 2018

I am thankfully looking back to a lovely year with good health for my family and myself and lots of wonderful moments.


I feel very happy to be looking back also to some unforgettable highlights on the big stages across Switzerland with ‘THE CALL FOR PEACE’ production with my JEWEL Ensemble and the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. The audience was absolutely stunned and our musical message for THE CALL FOR PEACE beautifully understood.


Since 20 years I have had the wonderful opportunity to sing the ancient Tibetan Mantras and to bring inner peace and calm to countless people in the west. Thanks to my producer Helge van Dyk I now have the privilege of bringing the best of two cultures together. The ancient wisdom of the Eastern World and the highest form of the western musical heritage of the classical music. He has been gathering the best musicians for the JEWEL Ensemble and has been able to encourage the renowned Zurich Chamber Orchestra ZKO to collaborate with us on the ‘THE CALL FOR PEACE’ project.


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